Gabi Falcao

Freelance Illustrator

About Gabi Falcao

Age: 30
Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Brazil
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish
Fandoms: BNHA, One Piece, JJK, Sports Animes, Books & Movies (Multifandom)


Please do not repost, edit or trace, thank you!

To view the NSFW portfolio, you must be 18+ before clicking here.
TW: a/b/o, bestiality, somno, dub con, trans character, age gap, size difference, incest

NSFW Portfolio 18+ only

TW: public sex, a/b/o, bestiality, somno, trans character, age gap, incest, size difference
Please do not repost, edit or trace, thank you!

Commission Information

Price Fluctuates depending on the complexity.
The base price is 30$USD for simple background.
Payment Method:
Through Stripe or Paypal. I'll send an invoice to the email you provide. Following confirmation, I'll start your illustration!
I show my progress, specially the sketch and lineart, to make sure it fits your original idea. References are very useful if you know what/how you want your piece!
I post the completed illustration to my social media with credits and send the high resolution file to your email.

Permissions for the commissioned piece:
You are free to print or give it as a gift to someone else. However, please do not edit, do not sell the piece, and do not use it for commercial purposes.


Will draw:
> NSFW (+ up to 50% of base price)
> Ships
> Other fandoms (even if I don't know it,
I can execute with provided references!)
> Blood, Moderated Gore / Violence

Will not draw:
> Scat / Vomit
> Non con
> Loli / Shota
> Mecha

*For anything not listed, message me! No judgement, I'll simply politely decline if it makes me personally uncomfortable.


Mod experience
Ikigai - Art Mod & Co-Head
Bonds - Art Mod
Boom Brigade - Art Mod (completed)
Completed Zine Pieces
Redemption - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
One Piece Winter - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Horizon - SFW Spread Page Artist
Dry Heat - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
The Pretty Reckless - NSFW Spread Page Artist
Tiny Twin Stars - SFW Spread Page Artist
Corrupted - NSFW Page Artist (2 pieces)
PLUS ULTRA retro - NSFW and SFW Page Artist, Cover Artist, Merch Artist (1 piece - colouring page)
Deku: Pro Hero, Pro Lover - NSFW Page Artist (2 pieces)
Cold Inferno - NSFW Spread Page Artist
Electric Love - NSFW Page Artist (2 pieces)
One Piece Supernovas - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Thunderstruck - SFW Page Artist, Cover Artist
Hop, Step, Fly!! - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Road to Gold - SFW Page Artist (2 pieces), Cover Artist
Unbroken Bonds - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Red String - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Equivalent Exchange - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Sex on Fire - NSFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Journey's Beyond - NSFW Spread Page Artist
Ágape - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Forbidden Flames - NSFW Page Artist (1 piece), Merch Artist (2 pieces - colouring pages)
Pomegranate Seeds - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Variant - SFW Page Artist (1 piece), Merch Artist (1 piece - tote bag)
Heartburn - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Hustle - SFW Page Artist (1 Piece)
Odinson - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Kerosene - SFW Page Artist (1 piece), Merch Artist (1 piece - deck card)
Stardust - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
ココロのちず - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Luffy Zine - SFW Spread Page Artist (1 piece)
Villains Rising - SFW Front Cover Artist
Decadence - NSFW PDF Cover Artist, NSFW Page Artist (1 piece), Merch Artist (1 piece - acrylic charm)
Loving Ace - SFW Merch Artist (4 pieces - Card Deck)
Ever After - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Seasides and Sunflowers - SFW Page Artist (2 pieces - 1 Half-page & 1 Full page)
Bonds - NSFW Spread Page Artist (1 piece), Promo Artist
Horizons - SFW Spread Page Artist (1 piece), NSFW Spread Page Artist (1 piece)
Wish You Were Here - SFW Spread Page Artist (1 piece)
Pour Some Sugar On Me - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Ongoing Zine Pieces
Yamabro - NSFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Animalistic - Main Zine cover artist)
What Lurks Beneath - Merch Artist (1 DieCut, 1 Print, 1 Tote Bag)
D.I.L.F - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Ikigai - Promo Artist, SFW Cover Artist, Merch Artist (1 print)
Trinity - SFW Page Artist (1 piece)
Ongoing Calendars(pieces completed)
At Your Service - SFW calendar art (1 piece)
Completed Calendars (pieces completed)
One Piece Pinup Calendar - SFW Merch Artist (2 pieces - posters)
Boom Brigade: A Bakusquad Calendar - SFW Page Artist (1 piece), Promo Artist
Completed Bangs & Events
One Piece Reverse Bang - SFW Artist (1 piece cw. problematic)
Ground Current - SFW Artist (1 Piece)
KiriKami Bang - SFW Artist (3 Pieces)
MiriTama Bang SFW Artist (1 piece)